Basic Techniques of Onpage/Offpage

Howdy Newbies,  in today’s lesson I am going to tell you about Onpage and Offpage techniques. SEO is based on these two techniques so this post is very important and gonna help you to learn SEO.


A) Onpage SEO techniques:-

1. Meta tags – Meta tags are the html elements that define a webpage, Include title, keywords and description. It is visible for search engines and help to let search engines know about the page.

2. Title tag – One of the most aspect of onpage SEO that defines a perticular web page title

3. Alt tags – Alt tags help to describe images with the keyword which we want to optimize to get traffic.

4. H1 tag – The main heading of your website should be formatted as a H1 tag and you should use the keywords or phrases in H1 tag that you want to highlight on the website.

4. Keywords – Everybody knows what the keywords are any single word is called “keywords”

There are many other things in onpage SEO which we need to discuss, But these are the basic points that will help you to start work atleast.

B) Offpage SEO  techniques:- 

1. Directory Submission – You can find many directory list on Google and every directory has option to “Submit Link” where you can submit your website details (Title, Keyword, Description) by clicking on that link. Directory submission helps to increase visibility of a website.

2. Link Exchange – There would be million websites on the web that define same business that you do. In link exchange you can proposed to website owners to add your link details on their website and against you will have to add their business title on your website that is the very effective technique to get in touch with your target audience.

3. Article submission – In article submission you can submit any topic that relates and tells about your business to your target customers.

4. Blog commenting – You can find some quality blogs on the web which are related to your website content and post into comment section by placing your website link.

5. Forum posting – It’s a easy and very effective technique to get backlinks and increase visibility on the web. You can easily get registered in quality (Good PR) forums and start discussing things by write your views and thoughts but, you have to make sure it has to be related to forum and thread.

I am pretty sure about it, this post will help you to understand “How to do SEO” and by learning these easy steps you can easily get a job anywhere as a link builder and can earn 6k-8k/per month.

keep learning and All the best

Praveen Singh,