Important Points to Know Before Start Working on a Website

onsite-SEO-pointsHowdy SEO newbies, I am back with another important post and here I have some cool points that will help you to start working on a new website. Everybody knows  Onpage SEO plays important role to build online brand awareness. So everybody must need to know these important aspects before start working on a website.

Coding errors :- Must check coding error before start working on a website that surely can effect your indexing. It would not be easy for a Search engine optimizer to understand Coding, CSS and other HTML errors. W3C has provided a number of free online validation tools. These tools can help you to get to know coding errors of your website that you can rectify with help of developers.

Title Tags :-  Title tags define a web page and keep unique the page content, according to search engine algorithm every webpage has must be unique content and it really matters for website quality. Title tags help to let search engines know about your website and that helps to get keywords in ranking which have used in the title of the page.

For example if a website is made for purposes to buy or sell “used cars” so we can put it this way [“used cars online, Buy used cars at”] in the title and that may help to get this keywords in ranking easily.

Meta tags :- Meta tags provide information to search engines about website. Quality content and attractive meta tags with combination of some cool keywords help search engine to decide which keywords are important to the website. A informative meta description attracts users to visit website.

HTML Heading Tags :- Header tags provide information to search engines about headline of the webpage. While looking at the website you should always look out for informative H tags. You can define H tags like <h1>This is heading</h1> and if you missed out any other important heading then you can simply use other important h2,h3 etc.

Robots.txt :-  I found this difficulty with my first project when I was learner and used to work as a link builder I built lots of quality links, but was not getting results. While checking out in Google webmaster tool I found that all pages of the website were disallowed then i rectified this error asap. It is very important to take a look on robots.txt it has to be defined as ” User-agent: * “

If any website page that you don’t want to show the search engines then you can define as

User-agent: *
Disallow: /page_name/

Sitemap :- Sitemap is very important aspect for any website it helps to navigate website pages easily what users looking for. It’s good for users as well as  search engine spiders you may easily generate sitemap through Google webmaster tool and you can simply create a page on your website and navigate all the important pages.