Search Engine Optimization – Onpage and Offpage

onpage-offpage-SEO“Howdy, Newbies, Welcome to the second post. Now, I am not going to be discuss more about last post where we have learnt about what is “Search Engine” and how it actually works.

I am sure everybody has many questions, what they aggressively want to ask like what is SEO (Search Engine Optimization),  How SEO helps to promote a website and how does it help to earn money online. Let me help you with this.

What is SEO –  SEO is short form for search engine optimization, SEO is  a technique  to get high ranking of the targeted keywords in the search engines (Google, yahoo, bing etc.) that helps to drive traffic on the website.

“For example, if company launched a new product and want to promote in a proper manner to increase sales of this particular product. So, first and foremost they need to make people aware about this new launched after knowing that product people will show their interest.”

So traffic is most important factor to increase sales of any product.

lollzz…Now newbies,  look very keen to know how to use this technique for earning money online but first we need to know how to do SEO. Before come to know about SEO techniques let me tell you the types of SEO.

There’s two types of SEO :-

Onpage SEO – Onpage SEO is very  helpful process to define a website. It includes website content, keywords, title, alt tags, meta tags as well as design and code elements which is good for SEO purposes.

Offpage SEO – Offpage SEO is a technique which increases visibility of the website on the web and helps to drive traffic. There are many offpage techniques to increase traffic on the website but,  for now we will talk about  basic techniques directory submission, Link exchange, Article submission, Blog commenting, Forum posting etc.

Its too late now time to go to the bed, tomorrow we will be learning all techniques of offpage and onpage SEO and how these techniques help to a website.

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A Brief Guide To Know About Search Engines

Search_EngineMy name is Praveen Singh, I am the Lead SEO here at TikiTech. Today I have started this blog to explore my knowledge base in the field of online marketing, SEO & SMO. I am not sure, how my five years of experience going to help SEO newbies and freshers who want to start their carrier in the same field. First of all to start as SEO newbie before you will have to understand the concept. So let me help you with this, here are some important points which could give some guidance to know more about Search Engine Optimization.

What is Search Engine:- A program for the restoration of data, files, or documents from a database or network, esp. the Internet. How many people know the name of major search engine? So here we go Google, Bing, Yahoo, Alta vista and one more we can’t ignore Baidu( No.1 search engine in China )

Google:- The No.1 search engine worldwide, You can search the world’s information, including webpages, images, videos and more. This search giant makes everything possible for users.

Bing:-  Bing is second most popular search engine from Microsoft. Bing was unveiled by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer on May 28, 2009

Yahoo:- Yahoo is an American multinational internet corporation that incorporates a search engine and provide many service like email services, messenger chat, maps and news & events etc.

Baidu:- Baidu is China’s No.1 search engine. It offers many services, including a Chinese language search engine for websites, audio files, and images etc.

I hope all these information will help you to know about search engine and now many people may be thinking how does search engine work. Basically search engine perform some necessary tasks.

  •  Search engines keep index words on the web and save all the data in database.
  • Search engines allow users to search any query what they want to search and provide authentic results about that query include images.

So here i am finishing my first post and I hope it will help to newbies to get to know about “Search engine” and how does it work.