Some Useful and Selective tools for Beginners

selective-seo-toolsThere are some most important things to know while doing and learning SEO. Today we will talk about some most important tools that play vital role in SEO and help to know performance of website and queries.

Keyword suggestion tool –  Selection of good keywords is most important thing for any website many people get confused while deciding right keywords for their website. There are many tools that could be helpful to research keywords. SEObook and SEOmoz  both are good and easy to use, but use of “Google adwords keywords tool” is a smart decision.

Google Webmaster tool – This is very important tool for webmasters. It provides reports about website performance gives many valuable information and helps to find out queries so that we could easily fix the issues. To get started, simply add and verify your website and you will start to see information about your website. There is many things to know about Google webmaster tool, but it would be hard this time to understand for the users.

Google analytics tool – Most important tool to record performance of a website from SEO and other campaigns. It provides data about website traffic and shows report of where the visitors coming from. As results, it helps to pick better ideas to targeted ads, tells which keywords are helping to drive traffic and what are the actual sources of traffic.

Backlinks tracker tool –  This is really a nice tool to get to know about how many inbound links were followed by search engines that you have taken from different sources like Directory submission, Link exchange, Blog commenting and Forum posting.

Link Popularity checker  –  This tool is also potential and helps you to know about popularity of your website and it also helps to compare popularity between you and your competitors.

With the help of these tools beginners may easily learn SEO and by finishing up my this post I am pretty much sure you getting more and more confidence. I will be back in shortly with new post, with lots of things and ideas.