Basic SEO tips to achieve success in 2014

seo-tips-2014With this year SEO going to be a little more difficult as Google changing in algorithm to make searches more  relevant. Many people have in their mind this question how can they run a successful online marketing campaign in order to increase organic searches and ranking. This is not a unique thing that we are discussing in this article, but we could not ignore this in 2014 as many SEO newbies (learner) might be looking upon this piece of content. So we need to be prepared before starting a new SEO project. I am done with many researches and finally started working on a new client project. Here are the tips which I am using and will use at later stage.

Content Marketing :-  In latest trends content marketing is hitting the wall and in 2014 it will be on top. Google might stop relying on SEO and search engine marketing. So here we need to explore our knowledge in the field of content writing. Content is only the thing which can engage users and make them know what is your website all about. Content must be engaging  and compelling and it should give user to a good reading experience. We must need to cover all latest trends and topics which users might be looking at. A good piece of content doesn’t need of a too much link building.

Meta Tags :- Somehow meta tags can play big role in the success of any website. Search engines have stopped caring about the keywords tag since long back, but they do care about title tag and meta description. After getting keywords research done we need to integrate those keywords in page titles as well as in website content. Title tags help search engines to know what the page content is all about and it increases the chances of getting good ranking of keywords. Title tags must not be more than 60 characters and it should not be created with boilerplate text. Use standard format for home page, example – [ SEO company in India | Digital marketing agencies – ]  You can use other important keywords in internal pages of website.

meta tags are also the most important factor for success of any website. Search engines often use description in ranking results that increases chances of getting clicked by users, so we need to keep it compelling and engaging.

Link Building:- In Google’s last update, it has stopped giving importance to a large number of backlinks from directory submission, link exchange, blog comment, forum posting, classified etc. Now we need to focus on quality link building. Here are some link building process that will work in 2014

(i) Guest posting :- In 2014 guest posting will work as best process of link building. You can write an article with including your targeted keyword as anchor text and propose bloggers to post your article on their blogs. Before posting your article in a blog you need to check domain authority, page rank, content quality, total outbound links etc. Posting an article in good blog can help you to drive a good amount of traffic and attain good backlinks.

(ii) Press releases:- Press releases also a best source of link attaining. You can write a compelling content that interests your users. It will help you to increase traffic and reduce bounce rate.

(iii) Social bookmarking:- Build your reputation on social bookmarking website. Reddit, stumble, delicious, pinterest, etc.  They are big social bookmarking websites where you can promote your products at free of cost. All you have to do is be updated and increase fan base.

Social Networking:- Social networking have always been a great tool for promoting a website. You can start with these 3 big social signals Facebook, Twitter and G+. Billions of people using these platform to explore their interest and knowledge and some of digital marketers believe that targeting these three social singles are good enough to achieve online success for any brand.

In 2014 these are the basic steps for achieving online success for a website. Later on I will come up with some new points of onpage optimization and some other effective offpage tips.

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How social media stimulate your business

Social-networkHowdy, I hope everybody is doing well and learning SEO tips. In today’s post we are going to talk about SMO (Social Media Optimization) and how does it help to drive traffic on the website. Now a days social media plays vital role in internet marketing and more than one million users have been using this service to promote their things throughout the web.

Social media is one of the most preferable way to create buzz around new products and launches. There are many social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc. Every website has different ideology so you have to use different ways to work on them to get good results. Here I am presenting some of good social networking website they really will help to promote your business.

Facebook :- Facebook is no.1 social network website of the world. Facebook has over one billion active users, so that could be a great idea to promote a business on facebook. Many businesses have been using Facebook to connect with potential customers.

Facebook allows users to create a FB fan page and people who are interested in your business they can like your page in order to receive updates about your business. Social media is continuous process so its very important to update fan page daily to attract customers. Always update unique content and keep monitoring your wall and don’t forget to give feedback to users.

You can create ads by spending very less amount to get more and more customer attention. Your product ad will display on FB and it will help your business to direct connect with potential customers.

Twitter:- If you don’t use Twitter for your business then you have no idea what are you missing out. Everyday millions of users use twitter to share new ideas and promote their things. Twitter can directly help you to connect with potential customers you need to just spend very less time to retweet about your business.

You can create your account and post your company logo as profile picture and start following people who relate your business. Once you connected with them you will receive updates about your product and services.

Linkedin :- Linkedin is designed for business and professional over 100 millions users using this service throughout the world. You can find businesses and events which relates your company services. You need to keep your business page update with informative and quality content so that many potential users can connect with you and post a recommendation that will help you in a great way.

Social media is a great platform to push any business up, but the thing we need to do is always be updated and keep doing.

Important Ways to Drive Traffic on the Website

Website-TrafficHello everybody, I hope everyone doing well and keep learning SEO steps to get good SERP and traffic on the website. Today we will be discussing about the ways which could really help to drive traffic. Having a good website only can’t help you out to get more business, It is very important to get more traffic on your business website. There is plenty of ways to achieve you target customers via internet.

Quality content :-  This is very important factor for any website. For any website it is very important to get good rank in the search engine. If website doesn’t have good ranking then it can’t drive good amount of traffic. Search engine loves content very much so it must be unique and authentic and while writing content it must be filled with some targeted keywords in the body of the content. You can simply use some keywords in meta tags but don’t overdo it, In new penguin update keyword should not be overused it may harm your ranking.

Use of Social media :- Social media playing vital role for the success of any online business. Update new content is very important to drive traffic on the website. There are many social networking websites which could help you to go  your content viral. Lets start with Facebook, G+, Twitter and Linkedin, you need to get registered on these social networks and start updating information and news around your business. You can invite people to know about your services and it is important to be active on these social channels so in future it might be helpful to drive referral as well as organic traffic.

Link Building:- Link building is a best technique to get keywords ranking and traffic. Link building consists many process like Blog posts, Article submission, Link exchange, Press release, Forum posting etc. You can spread your website links throughout the web and that would be visible for many users so they can drive on your website by clicking links. High quality links may help you with good backlinks that give more weightage to  your website.

Videos with Content :-  You can make a video by defining that, what your content says because many people prefer watching video rather than read whole content and it may help you out with less bounce rate which is always good for a website. So this is the smart decision to include a video in the post to increase traffic.

PPC Campaign :- After identifying targeted keywords you can start PPC campaign by spending less money. PPC is a service that provided by Google adwords which helps to advertise your website. You can get listed in Google as well as its partners websites. PPC is one of the fantastic way to increase traffic dramatically if properly executed.

Email Newsletters :- Sending email newsletters are also a effective way to generate traffic on the website. You can create a database of your targeted visitors and start sending product information updates, welcome emails to your targeted visitors.

Maybe if I am missing out some other important points in this post. But I am sure these points will help you lot.