Tips for successful SEO client pitching

I apologies for not to be with you, Actually I was stuck up with other things that is  why I haven’t posted any new article for too long.

In past two months, I have done many researches on offpage, onpage SEO, made PPTs to project full SEO plan etc. I got some of new SEO projects and for that I am very thankful to my clients who believe in my ability, So today’s topic we will be discussing about pitching an SEO client.

Before start this action you will have to work on setting up a goal. Always be honest when you go for client pitching. Nobody loves liars so you don’t need to exaggerate things that you can not handle properly and smoothly. There are some of most important areas that you must be work on.

Research Business Models :-  Before fix up a meeting you must have a understanding of business model of your client like in which field they work for, how they generate revenue, what are their current position in market and most important thing is how they get leads through web. These Important objectives ought to be discussed at your first meeting with client or you can discuss these points over phone.

Get the presentation ready :- Before going for a meeting you need to work on a presentation, for that you must have knowledge of Powerpoint. In that PPT you must have to mention market strategy plan, competitor analysis report, site review report, researched keywords list and idea for content posting etc. Don’t forget to mention your current successful project, keyword ranking graph, analytics report of your successful project. Client would be glad to knowing about your success in the field of online marketing.

Focus on client’s requirements :- You have to only keep an open eye on client’s requirement. You are committed to provide greatest service to your clients. Clients are like “God” to us so don’t try to make fool of them. Only commit what you can achieve for them. SEO is unpredictable, no one can guarantee no.1 ranking on Google, but if things go correctly you can easily get good conversions out of quality traffic.

Payments :- That is the most crucial as well as important part of every business. Once client is agree to start working with you then payment part comes. I always try to keep me away from payment discussions, but let’s give this question a go. I always believe in customer satisfaction and that keeps me eager to start work on client’s project. Nobody works without money and we should not put ourselves into this situation where we are continue working without payment.

Keep sending reports by mentioning keyword ranking and no. of traffic until your client doesn’t take first step to send out your first paycheque. Quality and effective work always comes up with money and praise.


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