Important Points to Know Before Start Working on a Website

onsite-SEO-pointsHowdy SEO newbies, I am back with another important post and here I have some cool points that will help you to start working on a new website. Everybody knows  Onpage SEO plays important role to build online brand awareness. So everybody must need to know these important aspects before start working on a website.

Coding errors :- Must check coding error before start working on a website that surely can effect your indexing. It would not be easy for a Search engine optimizer to understand Coding, CSS and other HTML errors. W3C has provided a number of free online validation tools. These tools can help you to get to know coding errors of your website that you can rectify with help of developers.

Title Tags :-  Title tags define a web page and keep unique the page content, according to search engine algorithm every webpage has must be unique content and it really matters for website quality. Title tags help to let search engines know about your website and that helps to get keywords in ranking which have used in the title of the page.

For example if a website is made for purposes to buy or sell “used cars” so we can put it this way [“used cars online, Buy used cars at”] in the title and that may help to get this keywords in ranking easily.

Meta tags :- Meta tags provide information to search engines about website. Quality content and attractive meta tags with combination of some cool keywords help search engine to decide which keywords are important to the website. A informative meta description attracts users to visit website.

HTML Heading Tags :- Header tags provide information to search engines about headline of the webpage. While looking at the website you should always look out for informative H tags. You can define H tags like <h1>This is heading</h1> and if you missed out any other important heading then you can simply use other important h2,h3 etc.

Robots.txt :-  I found this difficulty with my first project when I was learner and used to work as a link builder I built lots of quality links, but was not getting results. While checking out in Google webmaster tool I found that all pages of the website were disallowed then i rectified this error asap. It is very important to take a look on robots.txt it has to be defined as ” User-agent: * “

If any website page that you don’t want to show the search engines then you can define as

User-agent: *
Disallow: /page_name/

Sitemap :- Sitemap is very important aspect for any website it helps to navigate website pages easily what users looking for. It’s good for users as well as  search engine spiders you may easily generate sitemap through Google webmaster tool and you can simply create a page on your website and navigate all the important pages.


Some Important aspects to Running a Successful Website

Website_successI am sure you have been learning and trying many new things to improve website ranking. Today we will be discussing about some good aspects of SEO which would help you to increase website traffic as well as ranking.

Here are some tips which definitely gonna help you to get popular your brand.

Website structure :- Effective website structure helps users to understand all the areas and use all the options that are available on the the website. Easy navigation allows users to go one page to another page and its often helps to increase sales. It is also very important to use right keyword in the right place, It helps to improve conversation rate as well as keyword impression. Think always from users and search engine point of view, If users will get difficulties to find valuable content then there is no mean to having a website. So always considered a good website structure.

Easy Code :-  Easy code holds your important keywords and content that helps spider to understand your website. Easy code increases accuracy of indexing, Search engine spiders love to index clean and light code. Many developers use easy CSS code that is easy to index, Search engine spiders don’t go to deep to understand complicated codes. So use of decent CSS code always a smart decision that keeps html code clean and spiders can easily index your website accurately. Maintaining a clean code always help to get ranked in search engine easily.

Marketing strategy :- Having a good and attractive website is not a solution to drive business in a pace, It is very important to understand market. For any small and large scale businesses it is very important to research on competitors and their products and services. So very first thing what you have to do is make a list of competitor websites and right down the points how your website could be better for customers and right down that things as well what they have missed in their website.

Keyword research :- Online success of any business depend on keyword research. Keywords help to let search engine know about your business,  services and products that you offering to customers, It would not be wrong to say that keywords define nature of a business. Good selection of keywords help to increase sales of products as well as website popularity in the same pace. Use of unique, attractive and authentic keywords drive users to the website. In the last post we had discussed about keyword research tool.

Google adwords keyword tool can help you in many ways. By putting one keyword or key phrase it will show you list of keywords and you have to select some sort of good keywords with low competition and higher in density. Some of  the important keywords you can incorporate in your website content and meta tags.

Link Building – Quality link building is very important aspect of SEO. It will help you to improve website page rank as well as keywords ranking. You can find good list of directories by searching in Google, always submit you website details in high PR niche directories and keep tracking search engine crawling it or not. There are many websites on the web which are related to your niche you can simply send a link exchange proposal to the webmasters. In the same way you can generate backlinks by using forums and blogs. Paid links and guest posting also refer good amount of traffic, but you have to make sure that it has to be related to niche.

For now these valuable tips will help you to running a successful website. By using these tips you can easily drive traffic on the website and improve keywords ranking.

Some Useful and Selective tools for Beginners

selective-seo-toolsThere are some most important things to know while doing and learning SEO. Today we will talk about some most important tools that play vital role in SEO and help to know performance of website and queries.

Keyword suggestion tool –  Selection of good keywords is most important thing for any website many people get confused while deciding right keywords for their website. There are many tools that could be helpful to research keywords. SEObook and SEOmoz  both are good and easy to use, but use of “Google adwords keywords tool” is a smart decision.

Google Webmaster tool – This is very important tool for webmasters. It provides reports about website performance gives many valuable information and helps to find out queries so that we could easily fix the issues. To get started, simply add and verify your website and you will start to see information about your website. There is many things to know about Google webmaster tool, but it would be hard this time to understand for the users.

Google analytics tool – Most important tool to record performance of a website from SEO and other campaigns. It provides data about website traffic and shows report of where the visitors coming from. As results, it helps to pick better ideas to targeted ads, tells which keywords are helping to drive traffic and what are the actual sources of traffic.

Backlinks tracker tool –  This is really a nice tool to get to know about how many inbound links were followed by search engines that you have taken from different sources like Directory submission, Link exchange, Blog commenting and Forum posting.

Link Popularity checker  –  This tool is also potential and helps you to know about popularity of your website and it also helps to compare popularity between you and your competitors.

With the help of these tools beginners may easily learn SEO and by finishing up my this post I am pretty much sure you getting more and more confidence. I will be back in shortly with new post, with lots of things and ideas.

Basic Techniques of Onpage/Offpage

Howdy Newbies,  in today’s lesson I am going to tell you about Onpage and Offpage techniques. SEO is based on these two techniques so this post is very important and gonna help you to learn SEO.


A) Onpage SEO techniques:-

1. Meta tags – Meta tags are the html elements that define a webpage, Include title, keywords and description. It is visible for search engines and help to let search engines know about the page.

2. Title tag – One of the most aspect of onpage SEO that defines a perticular web page title

3. Alt tags – Alt tags help to describe images with the keyword which we want to optimize to get traffic.

4. H1 tag – The main heading of your website should be formatted as a H1 tag and you should use the keywords or phrases in H1 tag that you want to highlight on the website.

4. Keywords – Everybody knows what the keywords are any single word is called “keywords”

There are many other things in onpage SEO which we need to discuss, But these are the basic points that will help you to start work atleast.

B) Offpage SEO  techniques:- 

1. Directory Submission – You can find many directory list on Google and every directory has option to “Submit Link” where you can submit your website details (Title, Keyword, Description) by clicking on that link. Directory submission helps to increase visibility of a website.

2. Link Exchange – There would be million websites on the web that define same business that you do. In link exchange you can proposed to website owners to add your link details on their website and against you will have to add their business title on your website that is the very effective technique to get in touch with your target audience.

3. Article submission – In article submission you can submit any topic that relates and tells about your business to your target customers.

4. Blog commenting – You can find some quality blogs on the web which are related to your website content and post into comment section by placing your website link.

5. Forum posting – It’s a easy and very effective technique to get backlinks and increase visibility on the web. You can easily get registered in quality (Good PR) forums and start discussing things by write your views and thoughts but, you have to make sure it has to be related to forum and thread.

I am pretty sure about it, this post will help you to understand “How to do SEO” and by learning these easy steps you can easily get a job anywhere as a link builder and can earn 6k-8k/per month.

keep learning and All the best

Praveen Singh,

Search Engine Optimization – Onpage and Offpage

onpage-offpage-SEO“Howdy, Newbies, Welcome to the second post. Now, I am not going to be discuss more about last post where we have learnt about what is “Search Engine” and how it actually works.

I am sure everybody has many questions, what they aggressively want to ask like what is SEO (Search Engine Optimization),  How SEO helps to promote a website and how does it help to earn money online. Let me help you with this.

What is SEO –  SEO is short form for search engine optimization, SEO is  a technique  to get high ranking of the targeted keywords in the search engines (Google, yahoo, bing etc.) that helps to drive traffic on the website.

“For example, if company launched a new product and want to promote in a proper manner to increase sales of this particular product. So, first and foremost they need to make people aware about this new launched after knowing that product people will show their interest.”

So traffic is most important factor to increase sales of any product.

lollzz…Now newbies,  look very keen to know how to use this technique for earning money online but first we need to know how to do SEO. Before come to know about SEO techniques let me tell you the types of SEO.

There’s two types of SEO :-

Onpage SEO – Onpage SEO is very  helpful process to define a website. It includes website content, keywords, title, alt tags, meta tags as well as design and code elements which is good for SEO purposes.

Offpage SEO – Offpage SEO is a technique which increases visibility of the website on the web and helps to drive traffic. There are many offpage techniques to increase traffic on the website but,  for now we will talk about  basic techniques directory submission, Link exchange, Article submission, Blog commenting, Forum posting etc.

Its too late now time to go to the bed, tomorrow we will be learning all techniques of offpage and onpage SEO and how these techniques help to a website.

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A Brief Guide To Know About Search Engines

Search_EngineMy name is Praveen Singh, I am the Lead SEO here at TikiTech. Today I have started this blog to explore my knowledge base in the field of online marketing, SEO & SMO. I am not sure, how my five years of experience going to help SEO newbies and freshers who want to start their carrier in the same field. First of all to start as SEO newbie before you will have to understand the concept. So let me help you with this, here are some important points which could give some guidance to know more about Search Engine Optimization.

What is Search Engine:- A program for the restoration of data, files, or documents from a database or network, esp. the Internet. How many people know the name of major search engine? So here we go Google, Bing, Yahoo, Alta vista and one more we can’t ignore Baidu( No.1 search engine in China )

Google:- The No.1 search engine worldwide, You can search the world’s information, including webpages, images, videos and more. This search giant makes everything possible for users.

Bing:-  Bing is second most popular search engine from Microsoft. Bing was unveiled by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer on May 28, 2009

Yahoo:- Yahoo is an American multinational internet corporation that incorporates a search engine and provide many service like email services, messenger chat, maps and news & events etc.

Baidu:- Baidu is China’s No.1 search engine. It offers many services, including a Chinese language search engine for websites, audio files, and images etc.

I hope all these information will help you to know about search engine and now many people may be thinking how does search engine work. Basically search engine perform some necessary tasks.

  •  Search engines keep index words on the web and save all the data in database.
  • Search engines allow users to search any query what they want to search and provide authentic results about that query include images.

So here i am finishing my first post and I hope it will help to newbies to get to know about “Search engine” and how does it work.